Charity Run 2016


For some people with tight working schedule and little time for leisure, it has became essential to have certain time to exercise. Some may choose to go to the gym while others spend their time walking in the neighborhood. But not every people can do either one of these. The gym might be overcrowded and the street does not have enough sidewalk.

Recently, in 30th October, Bina Nusantara University has collaborated with Alam Sutera ,Bracelet of Hope, and other sponsors to host an event called ‘Charity Run’. The aim of this event is mainly to raise fund for cancer patient supported directly by Bracelet of Hope. As I mentioned earlier, exercise is essential. This Charity Run not only provided us with time and place for exercise, but also supported those in need. This is why I think Charity Run is important.

The registration fee costed one hundred thousand rupiahs. That included a T-shirt, bag, alongside with drinks and medal which you would get later on. Not to mention that Binus student would receive an additional five hours of Community Service provided that students meets some the criteria from Teach For Indonesia, like making this blog for example.

They are a great volunteer organization specializing in teaching children

They are a great volunteer organization specializing in teaching children.                                       You can visit their website here

The street was empty of cars because of the Car Free Day. A lot of people came early in the morning for this event, the majority of them are Binusian.

that's us before the run

that’s us before the run

I did not expect to see a stage in the street that time. I found out that this is a common thing in Alam Sutera car free day. Adults will go out and do aerobics while their children play soccer, what a lively scene. With us having charity run, the morning became more lively.

We start the run with a honk and red smoke in the front. My friend and I found ourselves stuck almost at the end, so we ran to get to the middle where my other friend was. As we ran, we saw many familiar faces.

When we reach a quarter of the track, it has turned out to be battle among ourselves to see which is the fastest. The track, which starts from The Prominence and circles around is not actually very long. But I found myself exhausted after the first lap. The committee gave us ribbon which we could  exchange for drinks in the end.

On the second lap, due to my lack of stamina (another reason to exercise more), my friend slowed down and we spend our time chatting. It was really fun engaging in conversation with people you don’t know. One of my friend even brave enough to approach a pretty girl. In the end we were all satisfied except one friend of mine who said that the track was really short.


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